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Oceania Cruises’ Newest Flagship: Vista

Blog / Oceania Cruises’ Newest Flagship: Vista
Ocean Cruises 5 min read

Are you ready to set sail on a journey that promises a blend of exquisite vistas, unparalleled luxury, and culinary delights? Then it's time to step aboard Oceania Cruises' newest flagship, Vista, christened by none other than celebrated Italian-American chef, writer, and television personality Giada De Laurentiis, on May 8, 2023, in Malta​1​​2​.

The Vista is the first of two planned Allura-class vessels for Oceania, with the second, Allura, set to make its debut in 2025. This launch solidifies Oceania's commitment to providing unrivaled experiences and further blurs the line between Oceania’s category and its upper-luxury sister Regent Seven Seas​3​.

What sets the Vista apart is its culinary excellence, living up to Oceania Cruises' trademarked slogan of "The Finest Cuisine at Sea". Boasting 11 culinary venues, each with its own distinctive flair, the Vista introduces three new dining concepts to the fleet. Aquamar Kitchen takes breakfast and lunch to a new level with healthful drinks and spa cuisine. For an American culinary experience, Ember presents lunch and dinner featuring dishes like braised short ribs on polenta and grilled swordfish with asparagus. The Bakery at Baristas is a haven for pastry lovers, offering quiches, petite sandwiches, and fresh croissants that will have you coming back for more​4​​5​​6​​7​.

Classic fleet favorites also make a grand appearance on the Vista. Polo Grill steakhouse, Red Ginger, and Toscana feature mouth-watering dishes, with Toscana offering a taste of De Laurentiis’ recipes, including her pomegranate branzino and lemon spaghetti. For a more casual dining experience, Terrace Café provides all-day dining, and Waves Grill serves up burgers, shakes, and the like​8​​9​.

The culinary journey extends beyond dining with the opportunity for passengers to learn cooking techniques at the ocean view Culinary Center. A chef instructor guides a hands-on class, making it a fun and educational experience for passengers​10​.

As we await more detailed reviews on the staterooms, public areas, and crew, it's safe to say that the Vista promises a unique fusion of luxury and gastronomy. From its christening by a renowned chef to its impressive roster of dining venues, the Vista is poised to redefine the concept of culinary cruising. So, get ready to sail into a world of flavors and unmatched luxury with Oceania Cruises' Vista.

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