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Why You Should Consider a Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruise

Blog / Why You Should Consider a Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruise
River Cruises 6 min read

The Hudson River Valley is a sight to see any time of year, but during the months of October and November, this region radiates like no other. And what better way to experience the Hudson River than a fall foliage cruise?

The calm waters pave way for some incredible sightseeing as the leaves fall and change colors while scents of ginger, amber, and citrus fill the autumn air. Not only will you get to experience the scenic beauty of this historic valley, but you’ll also have the opportunity to sample an array of amazing cuisine along the way.

Enticing enough? You bet!

But there’s so much more. Let’s take a closer look at why a Hudson River fall foliage cruise should be on your travel bucket list.

Fall is the Best Season to Visit

The thinning of the tourist crowds, the cooler temperatures and the foliage are just a few of the reasons why fall is the best season to visit and explore the Hudson River. Families have settled back into their homes as school begins another session and as days get shorter, the temperature drops to a more comfortable level, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Bear Mountain State Park
Bear Mountain State Park

Most importantly, the dense forests along the river covered with oak, maple and sycamore trees are strikingly beautiful as they change colors from luscious green to bright orange, yellow and red.

Insider Tip: If time allows, take one of the challenging hikes at Bear Mountain State Park to experience the natural beauty of the fall foliage up close and personal.

Variety of Cruising Options

There are several types of Hudson River fall foliage cruises available. Companies like American Cruise Lines offer multi-day itineraries that include ports of call in Hyde Park, Sleepy Hollow and Albany. There are also 9 and 12-night cruises like those offered by Windstar that will take you to up the southeast Canadian countryside, passing many iconic landmarks and destinations along the way.

Insider Tip: Keep an eye out for The Cloisters, the satellite museum of the Met specializing in medieval art, as you pass along the upper Manhattan peninsula.

Big Cities and Charming Small Towns

If you’re a fan of American literature and history, you’re going to enjoy many of the activities and attractions available at various ports of call during your Hudson River fall foliage cruise.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

For starters, you can retrace the footsteps of one of America’s beloved writers, Washington Irving, in Sleepy Hollow. Proceed to discover Hyde Park, the birthplace of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Tour the family home where he was born and stop by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum to learn about the great triumphs and tribulations of FDR and his wife, Eleanor.

You can also experience the longstanding traditions at the United States Military Academy in West Point. Step on the same hallowed grounds that the likes of General George Patton, President Dwight B. Eisenhower and astronaut Buzz Aldrin once walked on. Meanwhile, up in Albany, New York’s state capital, pay a visit to the State Capitol where you can take a free tour of one of the most stunning buildings in the state.

Finally, as the point of embarkation and disembarkation, New York City offers you with a variety of activities and attractions. From the best theatre productions at Broadway to the most extensive collection of fine art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there’s no shortage of things to do. In addition to the sights, New York City is also a gastronomical heaven. The diversity of culinary offerings in the city is obvious especially when you see a three Michelin-star restaurant occupying the same block as a Shake Shack.

Los Tacos, New York
Los Tacos, New York

Queue up at Los Tacos, the taqueria that many New Yorkers agree as one of the best in the city and then explore the Highline, a former train track turned elevated park nearby.

See all of our Hudson River fall foliage cruises online or speak with one of our experts at 1 (877) 734-6858 if you have questions or would like help planning your next adventure.

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